A Brief History of

It has been tried and tested for over 50 years. It is basically an old country cure all, that originated from a Cherokee Medicine man who lived in East Tennessee. It will heal up to just about anything you can see on the outside of your pet. On dogs and cats it will kill the mites that cause all types of mange, it also works wonders on ear mites, hotspot, hair loss and ringworm. It stops the itching immediately and then regrows the hair. It will also heal any type of wound, bite or laceration. When used on wounds for horses it heals from the inside out, prevents proud flesh and doesn't leave any scar tissue, then it regrows the hair back to the original color, it reduces swelling and will regrow hair on old wounds. It has saved the career of many show horses. It is also excellent for rain rot, dew poisoning, mud poisoning and works wonders on scratches. A good general rule of thumb is to apply it once every three days or as needed. We guarantee you will like the results of our Nu-Stock or your money will be promptly refunded.